Our staff members are fully qualified to fit both riding hats and body protectors to ensure they are the correct size and fit and that you are properly protected.

All the safety equipment sold by us meets the current safety standards for competition and we try to cater for all budgets and sizes. Our Body Protectors are BETA Level 3 2009 and suitable for any discipline including Pony Club events. We stock brands such as Charles Owen, Gatehouse, Champion, Airowear, Caldene and more.

If you would like to book a fitting please feel free to complete the Contact Us Form.

Hat Fitting

A riding hat should feel snug and secure with a nice comfortable fit and no pain or pressure points. It should fit evenly around the head and you can test this by running your fingertip round the hat rim. The hat should not move about and when gentle pressure is applied to the back of the hat it should not tip forwards. Ideally, and this can be dependent on the style of the hat, there should be a vacuum effect as the hat is lifted from your head. The harness should always be secure and the chin strap tightened as it will prevent the hat from being knocked forward. Ultimately it will be the shape of your head that will determine hat suitability and of course the discipline you plan to compete in.

Body Protector Fitting

A well fitted body protector should mould to your body and not interfere with your range of movement. Check that the shoulders don’t sit high and you can rotate your arms without catching or being restricted. The front of the body protector should over your rib cage and solar plexus but still allowing you to bend forward in a jump position without it digging in to your tummy. In a seated position the back length should sit just above the tailbone.

Two products which stand out, and are available in store, are the Charles Owen 4 Star skull cap (certified to 4 international safety standards incl SNELL) and the Airowear Airmesh body protector (BETA 2009 Level 3). These products are the ultimate in rider comfort and safety, ventilated and lightweight!