No matter how badly damaged your rug is, we will do our up most to revive it. We have materials to replace straps and clips and to patch over any tears that you may have, on either the outside or the lining of your rug. Contact us for a quotation.

Repair Cost
Small patch up to 3 inch square £3.50
Medium patch up to 6 inch square £5.50
Medium patch up to 12 inch square £8.50
* If over three patches are required, measurements are combined to give one total size.
Leg straps £4.00
D-rings £3.50
Front strap/buckle £6.00
Long surcingle £6.50
Short surcingle £4.00

Wash and reproof

We believe that while a horse rug can be an expensive part of your equestrian kit and whilst we en-devour to repair most rugs, it is also worth bearing in mind that your horse rug has a life expectancy. Giving your rug an annual wash or wash and reproof will help to prolong its life. If we receive a rug we feel has reached the end or is beyond repair we will contact you first. Our standard turnaround time for washing and reproofing is usually two weeks.

Item Type Wash Only Wash & Reproof
Fly Rug £6.99 £8.99
Fleece/Sheet £6.99
Standard Stable Rug £7.99
Standard Turnout Rug £7.99 £12.99
Combo Stable Rug £8.99
Combo Turnout Rug £8.99 £13.99
Dog Beds £6.00