This is Clyde. He’s a six-year-old Japanese Spitz who joined our family in January.

Tragically, Clyde fell out of a three-story building when he was living in Korea. The vets thought that Clyde had broken his back and his chances of rehabilitation were slim. Miraculously, the vets managed to save Clyde’s life. Clyde still has some mobility in his back legs after his horror fall, but to help him walk he was put into wheels.

We do physio with Clyde every day by stretching his muscles. We can see them move slightly when we take him for his daily walk (or spin) in his wheels. Clyde loves going fast up and down the ramps at the skatepark.

Clyde’s only been in the UK for six months. He was passed between a few homes before he found us. We love Clyde and are so happy he is in our lives. When we take him out for his morning walk at 7 am, everyone in the local area stops to stroke him. He loves the attention and has become somewhat of a local celebrity! To help Clyde at home, we bought him tiny stairs so he can get on and off the couch.

It brings us great joy every day watching Clyde grow and prosper and he is a valued member of our family.

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