Saddle Fitting

Once you have booked an appointment, one of the saddle fitters will then bring a selection of saddles out to fit these criteria. We keep over 150 saddles, new and second-hand, in stock at any given time, so we are likely to have something suitable! We have a qualified saddler plus 2 further qualified registered saddle fitters who do both yard visits and fitting on site. Please ring the shop on 01582 872333 to book an appointment; we will take the details of your address, what type of saddle you are looking for, and the breed of horse you have.

If you are looking to have your existing saddle checked rather than purchase a new saddle, we are more than happy to do checks as well.

We also offer a saddle trial system. You are welcome to come into the shop and browse through our saddle range, if you see something that you think may fit you may take it on trial for up to one week (you may take up to 4 saddles on trial at one time).

Saddle Fitting Enquiry Form

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